Come join the “Goodbye to Nuclear Power Plants” Rally!

Affected by the earthquake on 11th March, the Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant of TEPCO is suffering meltdown, the worst possible situation, in its reactors number 1 to3.
 This has become an unparalleled disaster, where high level radioactive materials have been released, following hydrogen explosions and the damages to the reactor buildings, into sea water, air and soil, contaminating the environment.

 Even two months after the earthquake, the reactors show no sign of coming back to control and the situation continues to be extremely unstable. It is feared that there would be immeasurable effects on the health and lives of not only the local residents and the workers at the power plant but also the future children yet to be born.

 We have always been aware that humans cannot live with nuclear. We are deeply regretting that even though we knew this fact, our protesting voices and actions against nuclear energy have been far too weak.

 We are determined to take actions for a “peaceful and sustainable society”, reconsidering our lifestyles that exploit nature and waste limitless energy, and focusing on natural energy. For that purpose, we set the following goals:
1. Cancellation of construction plans for new nuclear power plants
2. Planned termination of existing nuclear power plants, including the Hamaoka nuclear power plant.
3. Abolition of “Monju” and nuclear reprocessing plants which use plutonium, the most dangerous radioactive material.
We will achieve these goals in order to save our own lives, and fulfill our responsibilities to the future children.

We will hold the “Goodbye to Nuclear Power Plants” Rally as follows. Please join with your friends and families.

Date: September 19th, 2011, Starting at 13:00
Place: Meiji Park, Tokyo (Five minutes walk from JR Sendagaya station, two minutes walk from metro Oedo line Kokuritsu Kyogijo station (Exit E25)
Expected number of participants: 50,000(There will also be a parade after the rally.)

Core promoters:

Katsuto Uchihashi
Kenzaburo Ooe
Keiko Ochiai
Satoshi Kamata
Ryuichi Sakamoto
Hisae Sawachi
Jakucho Setouchi
Takashi Tsujii
Shunsuke Tsurumi 

10 Million People’s Action to say Goodbye to Nuclear Power Plants

The executive Committee declares 17th to 19th September as “Fukushima Day” (provisional title), and calls for actions nationally and internationally.

Please share information about your own actions. (Submission form to be prepared)

 Petition for the Realization of Denuclearization and a Society focused on Natural Energy 

English petition form(pdf)
■About the Petition Form■

In Japan, a personally signed petition is still more forceful than an Internet-based signature. Therefore, please print out the English petition form (pdf file) and send it to us by postal mail.

Here are some instructions:
1. The petition consists of two pages which have to be submitted together. Please staple the 1st page with the petition text and the 2nd page with your signatures together.

2. The English petition is addressed to the present Japanese Prime Minister. It is valid even in case the Prime Minister changes. When our organization will submit the petitions, we make sure that the legal requirements for a valid petition are observed.

3. Please send the petition by postal mail (fax is not valid) to the following address:
Citizens’ Committee for the 10 Million People’s Petition to say Goodbye to Nuclear Power Plants
c/o Gensuikin, 1F 3-2-11 Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0062, JAPAN

4. The final deadline of this petition is May 31, 2012.

5. Some further notes:
 You can write your name and address in your native language.

 Petitions from foreign citizens living outside Japan are valid as long as the petition is addressed to the Japanese Prime Minister. In case the petition is addressed to the National Diet (House of Representatives) or the Upper House, petitions from foreigners living outside Japan are not valid.

 There is no age limit. Signatures from children are also valid.

 In principle, a petition has to be signed personally. In case of children or disabled persons, it is accepted if someone signs the petition on the person’s behalf.


  1. The time is long past when countries should rely on nuclear power and nuclear energy. Along with all these other voices, I urge the Japanese Government not to approve any further nuclear power plants, and instead, use energy from renewable resources.

  2. The nuke serve its time… but change comes, the time is here now…. bye to the nuke power plant

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  4. please be mindful of political, industrial, and economic policies that pose dangerous risks that threaten the livelihood and health of humans and ecosystems … the “benefits” of nuclear energy are far outweighed by the lethal and irreversible costs that ensue from the industry, especially when accidents such as these occur …

  5. We all want a clean world for our children and the future generations!

  6. I believe there are possibilities of creating more efficient renewable energy so that we can do away with nuclear power when we start thinking right and scientifically positively

  7. the world for our children

  8. stop nuke please

  9. To our politicians, worldwide:

    We are 99% and we don´t want
    nuclear energies,
    nuclear weapons,
    more and more nuclear waste,
    nuclear rsik,
    nuclear death,

    We want to live in peace and safeness. We want this for our children and the next upcoming generations.

    So, please wake up and start thinking in renewable energies.
    For your families and for ours.

    NO more Fukushima
    NO more Tschernobyl
    NO more Nagasaki
    NO more Hiroshima
    NO more nuclear accidents http://www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_civilian_nuclear_accidents

    Sayonara Gempatsu – Nuclear energies, NO thanks – Energy nucleaire, NON merci – Atomkraft, NEIN danke!…………

    Wake up, stand up for your rights…

  10. It is time to seek other ways of generating energy to meet our needs. No more nuclear power! I am from Vermont, in the U.S.: we have an old, out-dated, and dangerous nuclear power plant here. What happened in Fukushima could happen here, too. We are standing with you!

  11. It’s common sense. Lets end nuclear power.

  12. stop this nonsense!

  13. Yes, let’s stop nuke power!!

    frank stukofsky

  15. Schluß mit diesem atomaren Wahnsinn!!!
    Was nutzt Riesen-Profit für WENIGE, wenn wir ALLE damit unsere Lebensgrundlage verlieren??? Wer setzt sich für Reichtum der Gefahr aus, an Krebs zu erkranken?
    Das Volk ist die Masse- Das Volk hat die Macht und kann alles erreichen!

  16. Good luck for all of us in our fight against nuclear energy !

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  18. AKW `S > nein Danke !

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